Auragraph symbolic readings

Over 48 years, I have developed a special way of giving readings - I call it the Auragraph. Through my spirit guides I will read your Aura and create a unique 'drawing' for you to keep. We do not need to meet - although personal readings are welcomed.

It's based on my own set of specific Auragraph symbols - all placed within a circle, this combined with my detailed explanation creates the reading. This reading will be specific and accurate.

Through the Aura, my psychic guides place into a circle certain symbols which have meanings connected with the person for whom the reading has been requested.

After finishing placing the symbols in the circle, my guide, through me, writes out the meaning of the reading explaining what the symbols mean - the Aura and the reading are given to the person to keep and refer back to.

This is an example:

Entering into the centre of the circle I place a swan (the swan represents the person for whom the reading is being done) - this symbol starts off the reading for everyone.

Now I can place the swan on a heart, this means going through an emotional time or I can put a brick wall in front of the swan, showing a blockage or a problem that the person has to deal with.

To explain the brick wall I may place over it two hearts sitting on a fence with a black line between them. This can mean, if the person is married, separation, divorce or marital problems.

A ring close to the two hearts means a decision is necessary.

A house below the ring shows the problem is all to do with a house; a doorway shows that a way can be found to resolve the problem - depending on whether the door is open or shut.

I can have the swan surrounded by roads, meaning that the person is at a crossroads in life, and then other symbols are put in to give the reading.

Its a very powerful and unusual way to receive a reading. There are literally dozens of symbols - all working together to create a unique reading.

See a few examples of what the symbols mean, click here.


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